Friday, July 10, 2009

Collaborative Global Collage Books. :D

So, I thought I'd organize the process here.

The Artists.
The amount of artists interested is changing.
Once I get a final list, I will list all of the artists here with links to whatever site they provide me.

The Books.
Each book will be a size picked out by the artist, or even made by the artist if you so choose.
On the inside of the book, the artist will put their name.
I will post the minimum amount of pages soon, along with the artist list.
Each artist will paint/collage/draw/write/sew etc whatever they want on the first two pages of their book.
NOTE: There will be a weight and size maximum, to save people on shipping. [You crazy artists and your giant books.. :D ]

The Process.
Each artist will recieve the name and mailing address of someone on the list. This is your link in the chain. Mail your book to that person.
You will recieve a book in the mail.
Do your thing to the next two pages on the book, and mail it to the same person.
This process will continue until you receive your book back, full of art from artists all over.

The book, unless you so choose to make it.
The shipping.

Let me know!
I will send one email, letting you know when the list was posted.
You will then confirm if you are in or out, with your mailing address. [Mailing addresses will only be sent to the person who will be mailing to you.]
Then I will send you your link [the person you will be mailing TO.]
And it begins!

Let me know: Please send me your name and a link to a site with your art.
or, message me on Etsy.
YOU MUST MESSAGE ME TO GET ON THE LIST. [How else would I know?]
:D Thanks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jewelry for Sale.

So, I had a lot of free time at work so I thought I'd make a necklace.
I ended up making four.
Although, blogspot won't allow me to upload them..
So, check them out on Etsy! :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First post!

So, I just started an Etsy. I'll be adding listings to it soon, and those listings will also be added here.


Stay tuned!
And always feel free to contact me.